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Care, Concern, Commitment

Our Vision

Environmental & Recycling Solutions is committed to providing sound services to the commercial and industrial community with innovative approaches to today's problems with tomorrow in mind. Our fully trained crews are well versed in tackling the most complex industrial cleaning projects. Using high-pressure water blasting and vacuum truck methods, Environmental & Recycling Solutions is a cost effective solution to your industrial cleaning needs.

Our Facility

Our Opelika, Alabama facility is strategically located off of Interstate 85, at the mid way point between two large automobile manufacturing facilities. Our facility accepts non-hazardous waste, universal waste and recyclable waste streams. All non-hazardous waste is processed in our warehouse for final disposal. Waste is accepted at our facility in DOT approved pails, drums, totes, and in bulk. Additionally, our transportation and industrial services group is based out of this facility.

Our Services

• Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

• Hazardous Waste Disposal

• Universal Waste Recycling

• Waste to Energy Services

• Bulk Materials Recycling

• Radioactive & Mixed Waste       


• Vacuum Truck Services

• Tank Cleaning

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