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Hazardous Waste Disposal

With over 30 years of experience, Environmental & Recycling Solutions can provide disposal options for your hazardous waste at our network of permitted and approved disposal facilities throughout the country. Utilizing our experience and relationships with these disposal facilities, we can locate the most cost effective method to dispose of your waste. We will work through our network of disposal facilities to find the best options for you.

Lab Pack

Let Environmental & Recycling Solutions assist you with all of your lab and small container chemical disposal needs. Our staff will come to your site and pack all of your lab or small container chemicals into proper DOT containers. Once the waste is packaged, we will transport the containers to one of the permitted disposal facilities in our network of TSDF's.

Beneficial Re-use

Some waste material can be used by other sites as a replacement for virgin products.  Let our team of experts analize your waste material to see if there are re-use options for you.  This can reduce the amount of waste that is shipped from your site since beneficial re-use would be shipped on a bill of lading.  Certain criteria must be met for any stream sent for beneficial re-use.  Let us look at this option for your different waste streams that are being shipped from your facility. 


Let Environmental & Recycling Solutions help you with all of your recycling needs. We accept all types of cardboard and  metal. We have several recycling outlets in our network to help you reduce the amount of waste sent from your facility to a landfill.

Industrial Services

Environmental & Recycling Solutions is committed to providing sound services to the commercial and industrial community with innovative approaches to today's problems with tomorrow in mind. Our fully trained crews are well versed in tackling the most complex industrial cleaning projects. Using high-pressure water blasting and vacuum truck methods, Environmental & Recycling Solutions is a cost effective solution to your industrial cleaning needs.

Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Environmental & Recycling Solutions can provide disposal of all of your non-hazardous material (liquids and solids) in an environmentally safe process that makes any material landfill ready.  We provide a wide variety of disposal options at Environmental & Recycling Solutions and ADEM approved sites, to insure proper handling of your waste.

Waste to Energy

A lot of companies in the US are looking to go green.  Waste to energy is a way to meet this objective with your non-hazardous waste.  We can provide waste to energy or non-hazardous incineration through our many outlets in the US.  We will prepare your material at our site in Opelika so that a non-hazardous burner can incinerate the material.  This will enable your company to lower the amount of material that goes to the landfill.

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